1. Over the past years, CRA been developing, and still do so, time series analysis software on regression, correlation, spectrum estimation, extremes etc. Those methods are adapted to take into account typical properties of (paleo-) climate data: non-normal distributions, persistence, uneven temporal spacing. The link to this software is: 
  2. A link to download the most recent version of the network software and documentation are provided below:
  3. A link to download the cross-recurrence plot toolbox is: 
  4. Ambrosys has developed odeint [1], a popular open source ODE solver for C++ which is now part of the boost libraries [2]. Odeint is a modern C++ library developed in a generic way which leads to high flexibility at top performance. The numerical algorithms are implemented independently of the underlying arithmetics. This results in a broad applicability of the library, especially in non-standard environments. E.g. odeint supports matrix types, arbitrary precision arithmetics and can be run with ease on CUDA GPU . [1] [2]