LINC Theses

This section documents the PhD Theses of Fellows of the LINC project. These are PhDs awarded as a direct result of work carried out within the LINC project, under the supervision of LINC Principal Investigators.

The names of the ESRs, the titles, the awarding Universities, and forseen completion dates are shown. 

ESR no.NameTitle of ThesisAwarding UniversityDate
ESR1Veronika StolbovaIndian Summer Monsoon: critical transition, predictability and extremesHumboldt U. (DE)Jan 2016
ESR2Enrico Ser Giacomi A Complex Network Theory Approach To Oceanic and Atmospheric Transport PhenomenaUniversitat de les Illes Balears (ES)Dec 2015
ESR3Dong ZhouTransition Properties of Interdependent Networks and Direct Link Paths in Climate NetworksBar Ilan University (IL)Oct 2015
ESR4Liubov TupikinaEvolving Climate- and flow-networks: spatial and temporal aspectsHumboldt U. (DE)(foreseen) March 2015
ESR5Giulio Tirabassi Disentangling climate interactions and inferring tipping points by 
using complex networks
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (ES)June 2015
ESR6Qing Yi FengA complex Network Approach to Understand Climate VariabilityUtrecht University (NL)Dec 2015
ESR7Fernando ArizmendiComplex networks and nonlinear analysis of atmospheric temporal variability 

Universidad de la Republica (UR)

(foreseen) July 2016
ESR8Verónica Martin GómezInterdecadal variability in Southeastern South AmericaUniversidad de la Republica (UR)(foreseen) Jul 2016
ESR9Juan Ignacio DezaClimate networks constructed by using information-theoretic measures and ordinal time-series analysisUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya (ES)Feb 2015
ESR10Victor RodriguezPercolation and inference in spatial networksUniversitat de les Illes Balears (ES)(foreseen) Jul 2016
ESR11Alexis TantetErgodic theory of climateUtrecht University (NL)(foreseen) Apr 2016
ESR12Yang WangClimate Network and Climate Variability: Wave Dynamics and Antarctic WarmingBar Ilan University (IL)Sep 2015