Project Deliverables

List of all PUBLIC Deliverables (date ordered)


Year 1

Month 3 - D0.1 - Brochure for public distribution

Month 3 - D0.2 - LINC Web site  (you are currently on it)

Month 6 (updated M18, M24)  D1.1 + D2.1  + D4.1 + D1.2 + D1.3 (Combined deliverable)

A database of climate data with united standards (PIK, BIU, UR + UU) + toolboxes developed for statistical evaluation of multivariate causality and for eigenvalue determination (PIK).

Month 9   - D0.3 with links to Workshop 1 and LINC School 1

Month 12 - D2.2  A computer algorithm developed that generates interacting climate networks (BIU)  with D2.2 Annex - source code (.zip) 

Month 12 -  D3.1 Report  on  coupling  on  network  property in idealised climate models (UU)


Year 2

Month 15 -   D2.3 - Report on the parameters and classifications that characterize interacting networks

Month 17  -  D0.5 LINC School 2

Month 24 -   D3.2  Software package for mechanistic indicators (based on network properties) for identification of physical mechanisms of climate variability

D3.2 Annex - Software (as a .tar file)

Month 24 -  D3.3 Report on the identification of networks associated with tele-connections forced from different ocean basins and comparison with reanalysis data

Month 24 -  D4.2 Report on the identification of climate shifts in the southern hemisphere 

Month 24 -  D5.1 Report  on  classification  of  topological  phase transitions in networks


Year 3

Month 30 - D0.8 - Workshop#4, Montevideo (Uruguay)

Month 30 - D1.4 - Toolbox  for  identification  of  most important teleconnections and their stability

D1.4 Annex - Software tool PIK (.zip file)

Month 30 - D3.4 Report on the quantification of global connections between patterns of variability on interannual-to-interdecadal time scales

Month 30 -  D4.3 Report  on  the  identification  of  processes associated with climate shifts in the S.H. 

Month 30 - D5.2 Report on indicators of tipping points in terms of network quantities

Month 36 - D0.9 - Workshop#5, Lucca, IT

Month 36 - D1.5 - Report  on  reconstruction  and  analysis  of evolving networks of the climate

Month 36 - D2.4 - Algorithm developed that interactively  generates  the  predictions  of  the interacting climate networks models for various parameters

Month 36 - D3.5 - Report on the identification  of  physical mechanisms  of  climate  variability  in  GCM results and observations 

Month 36 - D4.4 - Report on changes in teleconnections from the tropics in a global warming scenario

Month 36 - D5.3 - Software package for the identification of  tipping points (based on network properties) associated with a rapid Atlantic MOC change

D5.3 Annex - Software code (as .zip file)

Month 36 - D5.4 - Report on early warning signals and identification of tipping points with the MOC change as a particular example  

Year 4

Month 45 - D0.11 - Conference On Complex Networks And Climate Variability 

Month 45 - D4.5 - Report on near term projections of climate change

Month 45 - D5.5 - Report on indicators for tipping points from Lagrangian and discretisation networks

Month 46 - D0.12 - Final LINC Brochure