LINC Project - Results and Achievements


LINC Flyer describing the project's results and achievements



Press publicity

An article (in Spanish) titled 

El campus de la UPC forma a científicos de élite en fenómenos climáticos

("The UPC campus plays host to an elite group of climate scientists")

appeared in the Diari de Terrassa on 19.11.2015


------ - VERE Conference on Complex Networks and Climate Variability

   Our final VERE Conference, held in April 11-12, 2015  in Vienna, Austria was publicised on the pages of  Research and Innovation 'Conference and Events' .



International Forum for Turbulence and Network Control (IFTNC), Potsdam

Partner Ambrosys organized two IFTNC workshops (IFTNC-1 and IFTNC-2) in February 2013 and September 2013. The aim of the workshops was the development of a modelling and control framework for turbulence and climate.

LINC members as well as non-LINC public attended and presented their work at both workshops.

The announcement can be found here:



Minisymposium - as part of XXXIII Dynamic Days Europe

A mini-Symposium, titled "Complex Networks in Climate Dynamics" was organised by Emilio Hernández-García (LINC partner UIB) as part of the larger event  XXXIII Dynamic Days Europe, held in Madrid, Spain, on 3-7 June 2013.

4 of the 5 participants in this session were LINC members:

  •  M. Palus (Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic) 
  •  J. Kurths (PIK, Germany) 
  •  Henk Dijkstra (UU, The Netherlands) 
  •  Giulio Tirabassi (UPC, Spain) 
  • Chair: E. Hernández-García (UIB, Spain)



Radio Interview with Prof. Marcelo Barreiro

Interviewed on 3/7/2013 by Radio Oceano FM, Prof. Marcelo Barreiro (Principal Investigator of LINC Partner UR) discusses issues on climate change. Titled Cambio climático, manual básico para saber de qué hablamo the interview is in Spanish. 



Cooperation with ITARS (ITN)

Marie Curie (ITN) Projects LINC (289447) and ITARS (289923) have agreed to cooperate and exchange experiences in future.  More information on Project ITARS can be found on their web site (

The ITARS project attended and presented its objectives at the LINC School 2 in Soesterberg (NL) in April 2013. Further collaborative events are planned in future.


MCRN - Mathematics and Climate Research Network

MCRN is a US-based organization that aims to bring together leading researchers across the US to study the mathematics that underlies climate science. It is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and fosters research into climate process modeling, dynamics of climate, data analysis and assimilation. 

LINC has established informal links for future cooperation with MCRN . More information about MCRN from:


YouTube video - LINC Mid-Term Review and Workshop

   This is a short LINC project video showing a collage of persons and short interviews captured during the Mid-Term Review and workshop 3 organised by partner PIK in Potsdam, Germany in Nov 2013.

YouTube video

Photos on Facebook



2 short videos from LINC School 1 in Mallorca

Two short videos - produced as part of the LINC School 1 in Mallorca - commenting on Complexity, Networks, and its relationship with Climate.


    Prof. Shlomo Havlin (LINC Principal Investigator at Bar-Ilan University) answers three questions in an interview by Emilio Hernández-García (LINC School 1 organizer)  on Complex Networks and their relationship with Climate. (2:54 min)


   "Societal challenges and Complex Systems Science" by Prof. Albert Díaz-Guilera (Univ. of Barcelona)  (1:00min)


LINC in the Press


2012 Sept 27:  Diario De Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca

2012 June 1:    Diari de Terrassa, Barcelona

2012 May 23:   LaTorre, Barcelona

Press Releases

2012 Sept 06:   UIB Press Release,  Mallorca (in Spanish and English)

2012 March 20:   UPC Press Release, Barcelona


LINC flyer + Poster

LINC Flyer giving an overview of our project at conferences and other scientific events is available for download.

LINC Poster describing the work and progress of the E(S)Rs is also available for download.


LINC on Facebook

 There is a LINC Facebook page with some photos and report of social events. Look for 'Linc Linc'


What is variability and climate change?

Video by LINC partner Dr. Barreiro (UR) and collaborators (12 minutes in Spanish)

  Watch YouTube video