Lucca LINC Workshop 5 and ECCS'14

25, 27 & 29 September 2014

Lucca, Italy

Organisers: Avi Gozolchiani, Cristina Masoller



Thursday, 25 Sept 2014 - ECCS'14 satellite event, organised by LINC

Venue: Sala dei Servi, via San Micheletto (complex D), 55100 Lucca

see annotated map: Lucca 

14:10-14:50   Marcelo Barreiro (Montevideo, UR)   Inter-decadal rainfall variability in South-eastern South America
14:50-15:30Nili Harnik (Tel Aviv, IL)The complex behaviour of a simple model of the general circulation of the atmosphere
15:30-15:50- break -
15:50-16:30Juergen Kurths (Potsdam, DE)Complex networks identify spatial patterns of extreme rainfall events of the Indian and the South American monsoon system
16:30-17:10Emilio Hernandez-Garcia (Mallorca, ES)Networks of geophysical transport
17:10-17:30- break -
17:30-17:50Avi Gozolchiani (Ramat Gan, IL) 
Challenge : a chain of basin-wide gyres = nodes and links in a 1D network? 
17:50-18:30All LINC FellowsStudent presentations: 2 min. poster descriptions
18:30-18:50- break -
18:50-20:15Avi Gozolchiani (moderator, IL)Evening discussion panel: Complex networks in climate



Saturday, 27 Sept 2014 - Day 1, LINC Workshop 5 

Venue: Hotel Ilaria, 26 Via del Fosso, 55100 Lucca

Time   Name   Title
9:00-12:00    Jose Javier Ramasco  (Malorca, ES)      Scientific presentation and visualization (soft skill training)
12:00-12:10- break -
12:10-13:40Chris Jones (N. Carolina, USA)Dealing with the complexity of both models and data-sets
13:40-15:00lunch break -
15:00-15:30Alexis Tantet (ESR11)Persistent and recurrent atmospheric regime detection and early warning of blocking events
15:30-16:00Yang Wang (ESR12)On the reflection and dissipation of equatorial Pacific Kelvin and Rossby waves
16:00-16:30Giulio Tirabasi (ESR5)Network Construction and Inference Via Similarity Measures
16:30-17:00- break -
17:00-17:30CRA presentation  (ER1)cancelled - apologies received
17:30-18:00Veronika Stolbova (ESR1)Complex networks identify spatial patterns and critical transitions in geophysical systems
18:00-18:30Dong Zhou (ESR3)Recent studies on Antarctic warming trends and direct link detection in Pacific climate networks
18:30-19:00Liubov Tupikina (ESR4)Temporal climate networks and flow-networks


Sunday, 28 Sept 2014 - Social event: Walking tour of Lucca (10:00 - 13:00)

Meeting point:  Lobby, Hotel Ilaria, 26 Via del Fosso, 55100 Lucca

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Monday, 29 Sept 2014 - Day 2, LINC Workshop 5 

Venue: Hotel Ilaria, 26 Via del Fosso, 55100 Lucca

9:00-9:30     Enrico Ser Giacomi (ESR2)     cancelled - apologies received
9:30-10:00Qingyi Feng (ESR6)Correlation Network Based Index for Sub/Super-Critical ENSO Events
10:00-10:30Fernando Arizmendi (ESR7)Assessing the stochasticy of local annual cycle and the nonlinear response to solar forcing
10:30-11:00- break -
11:00-11:30Verónica Martin Gómez (ESR8)Inter-decadal Atmospheric variability: the
influence of the tropical oceans on the austral summer rainfall variability over SESA
11:30-12:00Juan Ignacio Deza (ESR9)Directionality in Climate Networks Constructed Using Information Measures at Different Time Scales
12:00-12:30Victor Rodriguez (ESR10)Percolation-based precursors of transitions
12:30-14:30-  lunch break - 

Ruggero Vasile (ER4) New ER at Ambrosys

LINC project at Ambrosys: Climate network prediction and control
15:00-15:30Hisham Ihshaish (ER2)
15:30-17:00 Supervisory Boardperiodic meeting of the SB